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At Pacific AutowCenter, we provide 24/7 San Diego towing services to our County residents and businesses. We are a family owned business and have had the pleasure of serving San Diego since 1985. We offer a variety of San Diego towing services to accommodate individuals and businesses. Please contact us today to get more information and a quote. Our San Diego towing services rates are very competitive and we offer high quality services.

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Proud to Provide San Diego Towing Services Since 1985

Pacific Autow Center is a family owned towing company located in San Diego. We are an award winning Towing Company. We offer 24/7 towing services. We offer different towing services such as boat towing services, heavy duty towing services, impound services, property towing services. Contact us today with your towing inquiry and get a free quote. We are here to assist 24/7. We handle our clients professional and with outstanding respect. Contact us for San Diego towing services and if you are locked out of your car or any other towing needs. Our San Diego towing services cover the entire county and we can extend our towing services to different areas. To get more information about our San Diego towing services, contact us today and speak to a representative. We are available around the clock for your San Diego towing service needs. We will get to you quickly.


Emergency Roadside Assistance

Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy Duty Towing

We offer heaving duty towing San Diego services. To simply, no job is too big for us. We can tow your heavy duty vehicles and boats to your desired locations.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

Save our contact information for the time you may be in need of roadside assistance. If your battery is dead or if you are out of gas, call our 24/7 towing service customer service line. For any San Diego towing services contact us today.

Towing Service

Towing Service

We offer our award winning towing service San Diego to all local residents. Our services are extended to different types of small or large vehicle. Please contact us for more information.

Impound Services

Impound Services

If your vehicle has been impounded around Miramar street, it is probably in our lot. To learn more about our lot and our San Diego impound services, contact us.

Battery Service

Battery Service

If you are dealing with a dead battery and are stuck on the road or at home, contact us for our battery services. We offer free diagnosis and sell batteries.

Private Property Towing

Private Property Towing

If you own a private property and would like to provide private property towing service San Diego, please contact us for more information and to get a quote. We offer 24/7 San Diego towing services.

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  • Natalie P.
    Juan came to help me when my prius wasn't loving or starting. He arrived quickly and solved the issue and was very kind and offered helpful advice to not have problems in the future. Thank you!

    Natalie P.
  • Ed S.
    Really pleased! It's always a bit a roll of dice when you call AAA… you're at the mercy of dispatch. In my instance they dispatched Pacific AutowCtr – they arrived fast, friendly, and checked my battery, and diagnosed that I had a dying starter. Alan was fantastic, friendly, and got me started back up! His advice/expertise was spot on.

    Ed S.
  • Vincent F.
    These guys have split bed trucks! I didn't even know that this was a thing, but they are awesome for lowered cars. Eric was very helpful. He was very prompt to arrive and get me off the freeway. Friendly service and very clean truck. I'll always request them for my car because of it's lowered stance. Didn't even have to remove my front bumper which is something that I usually have to do.

    Vincent F.
  • Shawn S.
    I was helped by a very nice gentleman by the name of Juan Romeo when I needed a tow. I thought someone had slashed my tires but one look and he showed me why I was wrong, and it turns out he was right. If I ever need a tow again, I would hope the driver of the vehicle is like this guy. Again, really nice, really cool, awesome service.

    Shawn S.
  • Mic R.
    Juan was incredibly helpful in getting my tire changed, and providing me with great tips on where to go from there. I learned so much useful info in one night. Best of all, Juan got there within 10 mins of the call!

    Mic R.


San Diego Towing Services

Relocation of any vehicle type

You may need towing for various reasons. And we cover almost all types of San Diego towing service needs. We cover towing small or big, light or heavy vehicles and cars. Towing motor cycles is another one of the services offer under our San Diego towing services. They may be customized or just regular motor cycle. We also provide San Diego towing services to dead cars on the road or highways and other locations. A big part of our San Diego towing services goes to road side assistance. With everyone’s busy work life and commute, having reliable transportation becomes significant. Our San Diego towing services is here to assure you get the help when you need it the most. With effective planning and scheduling, we offer timely San Diego towing service. Contact us today to learn more about our San Diego towing services. You can also check out or social media and Yelp presence and read our San Diego towing services reviews. We are here to help! Majority of our San Diego towing services come from local residents and also some people who are traveling to San Diego.

24/7 Towing San Diego

No one ever wants to be stranded without a working car, but when you are, you want it to be in the middle of the day and not when you’re anxious to be somewhere. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, and flat tires or engine problems can happen anywhere, anytime. That’s when it is imperative to have 24/7 towing San Diego on your speed dial.

Towing, Day or Night

When you are in need of a towing service, you should look for one that offers 24/7 services. This will ensure that if and when you break down at 2am and need to get home, there will be someone on the other line, ready to help. 24/7 towing in San Diego is what will get you home safely after having car trouble, at any time.

Towing for Any Reason

There are various reasons for your car breaking down and needing towing services. We will provide the tow, no matter what!

Whether you have battery problems, mechanical issues, or a flat tire, 24/7 towing is here and ready to meet you wherever you are. If you see smoke coming from the engine, stop your car immediately and call a towing company to get your vehicle to a reliable shop right away. If you feel your tire go flat or become punctured, stop driving to avoid causing damage to your car. Call your reliable towing service to pick up your vehicle and take it away for repairs. Your other option is to use our tire services to swap out your flat tire and get you on your way.

Emergency Towing for When You Need Help ASAP

Emergencies happen and they’re never something you expect. If you’re already on a tight timeframe, or need to meet someone in need right away, contact our company for 24/7 emergency towing.

If you blow a tire and cannot repair or replace it, your care won’t start and you do not have jumper cables, you see smoke billowing from the engine, you were in an accident and your vehicle cannot be driven, or your car is stuck, you’re in need of emergency towing.

Once we receive your call, we will be on the road in no time to retrieve you and take your car away for repairs. You will be able to get back on the road to where you were going as soon as possible.

Additional Services to Meet All of Your Needs

As a full-service towing company, we do more than simply tow your car. We can also:

  • Jumpstart your car
  • Unlock the door when you’re locked out
  • Change a damaged tire
  • Deliver gas to get you going
  • Pull out your stuck car

The next time you’re in any sort of sticky situation with your vehicle, don’t hesitate to call for the 24/7 towing San Diego services from Pacific Autow Center.