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Emergency Towing San Diego

Emergecny Towing San Diego

Emergencies happen and, usually, at the worst times. Everything is going fine and then all of a sudden, your car won’t start, you see smoke and pull over immediately, or you have a tire blow-
out. All of these situations are highly inconvenient and can be downright frightening — even more so if you have no one to help you out. When you find yourself pulled over on the side of the road, stranded in a parking lot, or stuck at home due to a non-functioning car, call for emergency towing San Diego.

When Should I Call for Emergency Towing?
Any of the following situations indicate that you should call an emergency towing San Diego

  • You pop or blow a tire and are unable to repair/replace it
  • Your vehicle won’t start and you do not have jumper cables or anyone close by to help
  • You experience any mechanical or electrical malfunctioning
  • You see smoke coming from the engine
  • You were in an accident and your vehicle is too damaged to drive
  • Your vehicle is stuck

How Can Emergency Towing Help Me?
Once we receive your phone call requiring emergency towing services, we will be on our way to
where you and your vehicle are. You will need to be able to give us your location in order for us
to find you. Apart from actually towing your vehicle, emergency towing San Diego can help out with many
other types of unfortunate vehicle scenarios, including:

  • Help you jumpstart your car
  • Unlock the door
  • Change a tire
  • Deliver gas
  • Pull you out if you’re stuck

No matter your reasons for needing to call a tow service, emergency towing is here to help you
out in those sudden and incredibly frustrating situations.

What to do when my car is towed
Once the emergency towing San Diego service has arrived, you can provide them with the location of your trusted auto shop to begin any needed repairs. If your vehicle does not need any repairs or is undamaged, you can have the tow service bring your car to your home or other convenient location.

Have Emergency Towing San Diego On-Call to Always Have Help Waiting 

Emergencies are unpredictable and can cause emotions to be high. Having a trusted and vetted
emergency towing service on standby in your phone’s contacts will help you to make the best
decision as quickly as possible when you need help right away.

At Pacific Autow Center, we are that service. Rely on us for emergency towing San Diego to help
you get your life back on track when you experience an emergency situation with your vehicle.

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