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Impound Service

Pacific Autow Center in Mira Mesa has been providing prompt impound service for residents, commercial properties,  private properties, and homeowners for over 25 years.  We want to impound vehicles for our clients in a way that is fast, safe, reliable, and also affordable. Abandoned  or illegally parked vehicles can delay business, cause your clients or residents inconvenience, and sometimes may even be dangerous.

Pacific Autow Center services the following areas for impounds in San Diego:

  • Impounds in Clairemont Mesa
  • Impounds in Kearny Mesa
  • Impounds in La Jolla
  • Impounds in Mira Mesa
  • Impounds in Miramar
  • Impounds in Pacific Beach
  • Impounds in Poway
  • Impounds in UTC
  • Impounds in Sorrento Valley
  • Impounds in Del Mar

Pacific Autow Center has Provided the following impound services to cities throughout San Diego: 

  • Impounding illegally parked vehicles
  • Impounding wrongfully parked visitor
  • Impounding vehicles out of management spaces
  • Impounding abandoned vehicles
  • Impounding commercial vehicles
  • Impounding recreational vehicles
  • Impounding cars parked in disabled spaces without proper place card
  • Impounding double parked cars
  • Impounding cars blocking garages
  • Impounding cars blocking dumpsters
  • Impounding offenders of fire lanes or red zone areas

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