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Emergency Towing

You never know when an emergency is coming. Different situations come with differing degrees of “emergency,” and becoming unexpectedly and suddenly stranded without a functioning vehicle rests at the top of the list. Luckily, there’s an answer to this disastrous scenario, and that’s emergency towing.

What Does “Emergency Towing” Mean?

Emergency towing is made for any situation in which it is not safe for you to drive your vehicle, you’re in an unsafe environment and need to leave with your car asap, or your vehicle has experienced serious damages and requires attention right away.

What Situations Require Emergency Towing?

There are plenty of unexpected situations in which to call for emergency towing, including:

  • Blowing a tire
  • Getting a flat tire and not having the tools to replace it
  • Battery dying without help to revive the batteries
  • Smoke coming from the engine
  • Severe weather forcing you off the road and preventing you from driving any further
  • Getting your vehicle stuck

What Should I Do If I Break Down?

First of all, it pays greatly to have emergency supplies in your car before an emergency happens. Items to have on hand include a first aid kit, water bottles, waterproof flashlight, blankets, snacks, jumper cables, paper towel, gloves, emergency flare, and a spare tire and tool kit.

When a vehicle emergency does occur, the first thing to do is to pull off on a safe place on the side of the road, avoiding blind curves. Slow down gradually if you can and turn on your hazard lights. Once you’ve stopped on the roadside, it’s time to call an emergency towing service for immediate help. With Pacific Autow Center, our emergency towing services are quick and efficient. As soon as we get off the phone with you, an experienced towing professional is dispatched and equipped to help you at your location.

If your car requires immediate servicing at a mechanic, you can bring your car to your trusty mechanic’s shop. If your vehicle is undamaged, we can tow you home.

When you’re in an emergency situation with your car and aren’t sure what to do, don’t hesitate to call for emergency towing from Pacific Autow Center to bring you to safety. We provide fast and trustworthy towing 24/7 throughout San Diego county!

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